Research Projects

The core research activities of the Hub are focused around two Grand Challenge themes. While the themes have been sub-divided into a series of focused work-packages, several key technologies and processes feature in more than one project.

Grand Challenge 1 РManufacturing-led innovation in electrical machines 

This theme is concerned with realising the dividends that come from much closer integration between innovation in electrical machine design and advanced manufacturing methods.

1.1: Realising novel machine design freedoms from innovative manufacture.

1.2: Manufacturing of features for in-service monitoring.

1.3. Manufacturing of light-weight and multi-functional structural components.

Grand Challenge 2 – Process Innovation, Monitoring and Simulation

This theme is focused on the numerous processes that underpin electrical machine manufacture. The research will draw heavily on modelling and simulation to explore the influence of current and emerging processes on final machine performance.

2.1: From nominal core properties to in-service performance.

2.2: Manufacturing high performance coils and ultimate control.

2.3: Manufacturing technologies for flexibility and customisation.

Cross Cutting Themes –¬† A central thread of activity linking our research outputs

Cross cutting (X) Themes underpin our Grand Challenge Themes. Each GC theme incorporates elements each of the X themes in order to develop a deeper understanding and maximise FEMM Hub outputs. 

X1: Sustainable manufacturing of electrical components for the circular economy

X2: In-process tracking and tractability for zero-defect manufacture of electrical machines.