In support of the research activities of the EPRSC funded Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub (FEMM).


We are seeking a PhD researcher with a passion and natural interest in design and technology, who wants to direct their career toward the sustainable electrification of society.

Joining the Future Electric Machines Manufacturing (FEMM) Hub you will be part of a network at Newcastle, Sheffield and Strathclyde Universities, the AMRC and AFRC.

This is a unique opportunity offering a PhD scholarship based in the Newcastle University Electrical Power Group and working alongside the FEMM hub team of researchers.

You will be a detailed and organised person with an inquisitive mind and a passion to develop ideas through to working solutions. A blend of skills across manufacturing, technology, engineering, mathematics, simulation, and experimentation are ideal for this PhD and we will help you develop further.

Research will focus on the Design and Manufacture of Electrical Machines using a modular approach to increase power density, simplify manufacturing methods and reduced material waste. This however presents challenges at the interface between components; thermal, mechanical and magnetic issues need to be understood and addressed. Design for manufacturing tolerance variation, manufacturing technique, assembly method, mechanical stability, noise and vibration will feature. You will design and produce prototype machines for detailed assessment and testing.

Support package: 100% fees covered, and a minimum tax-free annual living allowance of £17,668 (2022-23 UKRI rate).

It is anticipated that the studentship will commence on 18th September 2023.

Applying for the PhD

If you are interested in applying for this PhD please contact Dr Glynn Atkinson

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