On the 25th and 26th of August 2020, three University of Strathclyde PhD students presented their work at the UK Magnetics Society Student Conference. This conference was moved online and provided a platform for students working on magnetic related subjects to talk about their research and work. Presentations came from a number of different fields, including: electrical steels, nanomagnetism, motor design, superconductivity, spintronics, manufacturing, permanent magnetic materials and many more. Professor Barrie Mecrow, FEMM Hub investigator from the University of Newcastle also gave a career talk at the event.

The PhD researchers presented on the following:

Charlie Scott, AFRC, University of Strathclyde: Lightweight Design and Manufacture of Electrical Machines

John McKay, AFRC, University of Strathclyde: Electromagnetic coils for next generation machines

Leigh Paterson, AFRC, University of Strathclyde: Electrical Machines – is technology driving us into an unsustainable future?