Dr Divya Tiwari from FEMM Grand Challenge 2.4 is pleased to announce that our article “Modelling Interdependencies in an Electrical Motor Manufacturing Process Involving Deformable Material” was presented to the International Conference in Manufacturing Research (ICMR 2021). The article has been published in Advances in Manufacturing Technology XXXIV and is available online at https://ebooks.iospress.nl/doi/10.3233/ATDE210051:

Electrical machines have recently received a lot of attention due to their adoption across a range of industrial sectors. Although advances in digital technologies have enabled more efficient production of electrical machines, faults are still identified at the end of the line tests. In order to avoid accumulation of defects during the production chain, it is desirable to identify faults early in the process. This can be achieved by identifying how critical process parameters and the interdependencies between them influence the occurrence of faults. This poses a challenge in electrical machine manufacturing because of the complexity involved in various manufacturing steps involving deformable material. This paper proposes a computational framework to model interdependencies in a complex electrical machine manufacturing process involving deformable material. A Discrete Event Simulation model representing the coil winding process demonstrated that input parameters such as wire tension and winding speed influence physical and electrical properties of the coil leading to the generation of defects in the final product.

To find out more, please contact Divya via email: D.Tiwari@sheffield.ac.uk

Reference: Izhar Ornelas, Divya Tiwari et al. Modelling Interdependencies in an Electrical Motor Manufacturing Process Involving Deformable Material, Advances in Transdisciplinary Engineering, 15: Advances in Manufacturing Technology XXXIV, 291 – 298, DOI: 10.3233/ATDE210051