The AMH-1K-S permeameter for soft magnetic materials  was delivered to the University of Sheffield in October. It is a DC and AC automatic measuring system for characterising soft magnetic materials in the form of rings and strips according to the international standards IEC 60404-2, IEC 60404-4, IEC 62404-6, ASTM A343, ASTM A348 and ASTM A773. The permeameter is used in conjunction with either a ring coil tester or an Epstein frame.

Georgios Yiannakou, Research Associate in the Dept. of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield tells us more:

“The manufacture of a complete stator core from the starting lamination material involves three main stages: cutting of the lamination to the desired profile, formation of a stack and finally fitting of the stack into a casing.
It is well established that these processes can degrade the magnetic properties in the core material and hence the electrical machine will exhibit some additional power loss in the overall performance compared to the performance prediction based on supplier’s technical datasheet for the nominal grade of core material. The acquisition of AMH-1K-S permeameter will facilitate into understanding the various phenomena This can provide a basis for either development of new manufacturing processes or variation of the existing ones which can minimise degradation of the core material. In addition, the system will provide useful data for modelling the power loss at each of the aforementioned processes which can be taken into account in future designs of electrical machines”.