Hub Director Professor Geraint Jewell will be presenting at the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) event “Electrical Machine Design For Manufacture” on the 10th of July. The IET is one of the world’s largest engineering institutions with over 168,000 members in 150 countries.

The Electrical Machine Design for Manufacture event on Wednesday 10th of July will take place at the IET Austin Court in Birmingham and bring together leading speakers from Industry and Academia to discuss the methods and processes involved in manufacturing electric motors. Professor Jewell will be giving delegates and overview of the hub before discussing power density and in-process inspection for electrical machines.  He will join other presenters from ZF group, Advanced Propulsion centre, Warwick Manufacturing, HV Wooding Ltc, Nidec Control Techniques Dynamics, University of Cardiff and Vacuumschmelze.

Reasons to attend the event 

  • For people working on electromagnetic design of motors it’d be an introduction to motor manufacturing techniques
  • For people working in manufacturing / production engineering it offers greater technical depth that an exhibition such as the Berlin coil winding event wouldn’t, the networking and UK location
  • Obtain an insight into the technological advancement in the manufacturing process
  • Gain an understanding on how the advancements in materials, lamentations and stamping is benefiting from embracing new technology
  • Gain an improved knowledge on how technology and materials are advancing to improve this engineering field
  • Engage with members of the PEMD community and from other engineering disciplines

The Power Electronic Machines and Drives sector is subject to enormous innovation and growth, and keeping abreast of technology and market trends is ever more important.  The event will provide a great opportunity for networking, as well as offering delegates the chance to gain greater technical depth and a deeper understanding on how advancements in materials, lamentations and stamping is benefiting from embracing new technology.

For more information about the event and to register, please visit:


Electric Machine Design for Manufacture IET event