On Tuesday 18th of April, FEMM Hub Director Professor Geraint Jewell will be presenting to members of the IET’s South Yorkshire Division in the Diamond Building, University of Sheffield. His presentation titled ” Electrical Machines: Application and Manufacture” will be followed by a networking session. The abstract for the presentation and information on how to register can be found below.

Abstract:  Electrical machines are at the heart of the accelerating trend towards the
electrification of many industrial sectors, particularly transport. To address emerging
requirements and meet the increasing demands of new applications, new electrical
machines with improved performance in terms of higher power density, higher efficiency,
lower weight and improved reliability continue to be developed. As designers push up
against material limits, manufacturing technologies become one of the key enablers of
improved performance, particularly in the high added value sectors such as aerospace,
offshore wind, premium automotive and industrial machinery. Professor Geraint Jewell will
discuss these manufacturing challenges and the work being performed to assist UK industry
to overcome these challenges and maintain a leading position in the global supply chain for
high value electrical machines.

Information on the speaker: Professor Geraint Jewell is Professor of Electrical Engineering
at the University of Sheffield. He is a graduate of Sheffield (BEng- 1988; PhD 1992) and has
been a member of the academic staff in the Department of Electronic and Electrical
Engineering in Sheffield since 1994. He held an EPSRC Advanced Research Fellowship
(2000-2005) and a Royal Society Industry Fellowship at Rolls-Royce (2006-2008). He has
been Director of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Advanced Electrical
Machines since 2006. Alongside his academic roles within the Department, he served as the
Faculty of Engineering’s first Director of Research and Innovation from 2008-2011 and was
Head of the Department from 2013-2019. He is currently the Interim Head of the Advanced
Manufacturing Group which includes the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
and its Nuclear counterpart (NAMRC).

His research interests cover many aspects of electromechanical devices including electrical
machines (permanent magnet, switched reluctance, synchronous reluctance) and linear
actuators. Much of this research in recent years has been directed towards aero-engine
applications in collaboration with Rolls-Royce. This research has included high temperature
devices (many around 400 °C but with one up to 800 °C) and several demonstrator starter-
generators for aero-engines. He has supervised some 25 PhD students to completion across
a wide range of electromagnetic and electro-mechanical topics.  He currently leads the
EPSRC’s Future Electrical Machines Manufacturing Hub. The Hub’s vision is to put UK
manufacturing at the forefront of the electrification revolution. The Hub will address key
manufacturing challenges in the production of high integrity and high value electrical
machines for the aerospace, energy, high value automotive and premium consumer sectors.

If you would like to register for this event, please follow this link: https://localevents.theiet.org/register.php?event=e2d956