Dr Rafal Wrobel has been successful in securing funding from the University of Newcastle’s EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account – ‘Ideas to Innovation’. These are strategic awards provided to institutions (for full list see here) to respond to opportunities in flexible, responsive and creative ways, alighted to their institutional strategies and opportunities. 

His project “Heat Pipes in Thermal Management of Integrated Motor Drives” aims to experimentally assess the use of advanced two-phase heat pipe technology in thermal management of IMDs. The research focus is placed on the hardware prototyping and testing of selected high-performance thermal management concepts incorporating custom heat pipe solutions.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr Wrobel via email: rafal.wrobel@ncl.ac.uk

NB: Photograph on the main news page relating to this story was taken from M.A.Muller et al IEEE TEC (2019).