FEMM Hub 2nd Feasibility Call

The EPSRC Future Manufacturing Research Hubs in Composites, Electrical Machines, Metrology and Photonics have partnered to offer up to £900k in funding to support a number of Feasibility Studies at TRLs 1 to 3. The funding is available for novel research in manufacturing technologies pertinent to the priority areas identified by each of the four partner Hubs. The joint call is open to all UK academics eligible to receive EPSRC funding and is the primary mechanism for new academic collaborators to engage with the four Hubs. The partnership is motivated by the possibility for collaborations spanning multiple Hubs, in projects where the research area is of mutual interest to more than one Hub. In addition to maximising potential research synergies, the joint call also offers projects access to facilities and equipment from all four Hubs.* Proposals are envisaged to have a maximum duration of six months and maximum value of £62,500 at full Economic Cost (fEC), with funding to be awarded at 80% of fEC.

*(Subject to terms and conditions).

How to apply

Please do not apply via JeS.

The call document can be downloaded here: Future Manufacturing Hubs – Joint Call for Feasibility Studies – 2021

Feasibility Study applications should be submitted in MS Word and/or PDF format to FEMMhub@sheffield.ac.uk, copying in G.Jewell@sheffield.ac.uk.

If your proposal is relevant to more than one Hub please send a copy to all the relevant Hub Managers, using the details provided in the contacts section, and indicate to which Hub your proposal is most closely aligned. Applications should be no more than four sides of A4, using 2cm margins and a standard 11pt Arial font. Proposals should include, but not be limited to, the following content:

1. Research title, institution name and full name of the Principal Investigator (PI).
2. Start date and duration. (Projects should typically last for a maximum of 6 months)
3. Identify which call topic(s) is being addressed and identify any elements of the proposal which are relevant to the other Manufacturing Hubs.
4. Context, aim and objectives of the research, including a description to explain how the study fits within the overall vision of the Hub and how it supports one of the research priority areas.
5. A statement of the novelty of the proposed research, including some evidence that it is not being addressed elsewhere.
6. A description of the methodology to be used, including a timing and resource allocation plan.
7. Provide details of any access to Hub equipment or facilities required and include costs and associated timescales.
8. A description of the tangible deliverables from the Feasibility Study (what does success look like?)
9. A plan to show how you will attract further funding if your idea is feasible and the research is successful.
10. Any evidence of industrial interest or support.
11. A brief track record of the applicants relevant to this research area.
12. Justification of resources, summarising Directly Allocated (investigators, estates costs and other DA costs), Directly Incurred (staff, travel, consumables, other DI costs.), and Indirect Costs. For Directly Incurred Staff costs, you must confirm that this is to fund existing staff within your research group (staff do not need to be named in your proposal, although you may wish to do so). Additionally, a limit of 3.75hrs/week is imposed for Investigators, regardless of the number of co-investigators*.

*(this clause is included to ensure the majority of resources are directed towards carrying out
research activities)

For more information 

For more information please download the feasibility call document: Future Manufacturing Hubs – Joint Call for Feasibility Studies – 2021

For any queries, please contact G.Jewell@sheffield.ac.uk.