On the 30th of November, the FEMM Hub team travelled to Coventry to engage with 90 year 6 students with the aim of inspiring them to become the next generation of engineers. 

Professor Geraint Jewell opened the school engagement event at Templars Primary School with a 30 minute presentation aimed at inspiring students to consider a career in engineering, detailing how engineering makes an impact to their everyday life and the benefits it provides before opening the floor for questions. Pupils were interested to uncover the wide range of engineering disciplines and the realisation that they were already working on the skills that would get them there. 

Following the presentation, FEMM hub PhD’s Dan Harper, Wei Liang Choong and Reece Elbet alongside Hub Manager Laura O’Keefe and Geraint then delivered three workshops with each of the year 6 classes where, in groups of two, they build their own simple DC motor.  It gave pupils the opportunity to collaborate with their classmates and a sense of accomplishment that they had succeeded in making their own motor. Feedback following the event was excellent with pupils stating “they didn’t realise engineering involved so many cool things!”.

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