Given the current global pandemic, a decision was made to move the 1st FEMM Hub (in person) conference from November 2020 to June 2021. Despite lockdown, FEMM hub researchers and PhD’s have been progressing well with their research and we would like to share their progress through a series of short presentations to view at your leisure. 

The FEMM Hub Director Professor Geraint Jewell has recorded an introduction to the FEMM Hub Online conference which can be found below:

The following presentations have been recorded and can found by clicking here: FEMM Hub Virtual Conference.

Dr David Hewitt: Manufacturing of features for in-service monitoring

Dr Jill Miscandlon: Manufacturing of light-weight and multi-functional structural components

Professor Geraint Jewell: From nominal core properties to in-service performance

Dr Steve Forrest: Manufacturing high performance coils and ultimate control

Dr Michael Farnsworth and Dr Divya Tiwari: In-process tracking and tractability for zero-defect manufacture of electrical machines

Dr Jill Miscandlon: Sustainable manufacturing of electrical machine components for the circular economy

PhD Student Presentations

John McKay

Leigh Paterson

Ji Qi

Charlie Scott

Ze Zhang