FEMM Hub researcher Abbas Mehrad Kazemi Amiri along with Kelly Tartt (both Strathclyde University) and Alasdair McDonald (University of Edinburgh) have produced a Technology White paper titled “Design and Manufacturing Challenges and Opportunities for Offshore Wind Turbine Electrical Generators”.  

The main objective of the short project, funded through the FEMM Hub was to produce a Technology White Paper, in which the existing and future challenges in cost-effective design and manufacturing of the next generation of direct-drive electrical generators in offshore wind turbine generator systems are identified, and corresponding opportunities to address those challenges are discussed. 

Mehrad et al structured the white paper around the following three questions: 

a) what are the current manufacturing methods 

b) what are the challenges with scale-up in size and number? 

c) what are the major differences between the direct-drive generator and the conventional ones for wind turbines that influence the manufacturing process?

To request a copy of the paper, please email FEMM Hub Administrator Lindsey Farnsworth: l.j.farnsworth@sheffield.ac.uk