Cross-Cutting Theme 1 lead Dr Jill Miscandlon was invited to present at the E-Powertrain Tech Conference, 23-24 March 2023 in Berlin. The Automotive ePowertrain Tech Summit is directed at executives, technical leaders, advanced engineers, practitioners, and experts involved in electric powertrain technology development, powertrain systems, and electrified mobility. The conference brings together over 150+ leading car makers and components manufacturers, EV powertrain experts and advanced motor engineers.

Dr Jill Miscandlon stands on stage with a headset microphone presenting to the audience which can just be seen on the edge of the photo. She is standing in front of a large white stand which has the conference logo displayed in red

Jill was invited to do two things, a presentation titled “The role of novel manufacturing and the circular economy in enabling a sustainable e-motor future” and facilitate a workshop where the following subject wsa discussed: “Recycling e-motors Café- What are the best paths to a future of fully recyclable e-motors?”

Dr Jill miscandlon can be seen sat around a table with 7 other people, the are in deep conversation. A large poster can be seen in the background with coloured post-it's grouped in columns

Jill’s presentation covered the following:
•How approaching manufacturing challenges in a different way could provide additional benefits, and open up the design space for future e-motors
•Why circular economy strategies must not be an afterthought, but an integral part of the design conversation
•Why a circular economy approach does not dictate one solution, but is an alternative way of approaching the problem
•How finding truly sustainable solutions will require the implementation of small changes throughout the machine life cycle, to add up to large changes overall, without a compromise on performance
•Why recycling is one potential end of life strategy but comes low on the overall circular economy hierarchy- other approaches offer less energy intensive and resource efficient solutions

During the workshop, the following things were discussed:
•Where do e-motor design strategists currently stand with recycling?
•Where does recycling sit on the economy hierarchy?
•Can we achieve fully recyclable e-motors?
•How can we ensure every part of the motor is optimally processed after its first life cycle?

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